My Biography

I am a melanated, female, photographer based in Michigan. I have a passion for bringing out the beauty in all of
God's creations. Kamiko Photos was inspired by my love and passion for the infectious smiles I have had the
privilege of capturing and turning them into life-long memories.

Personally, Kamiko (cam-e-co) means internal beauty. As a college student at WMU, I created an alter ego for myself called “Kami”. Honestly, I’m not quite sure where it came from but when Kami came out, I felt my absolute best.

Nothing/no one could tell me anything because my internal beauty, self-love, and confidence was shining brighter than ever.

My goal is to create images my clients can always look back on and feel their absolute best no matter what!

I’ve always had a passion for photography and intended on taking it more seriously once I retired but I feel everyone deserves to feel the way I feel when Kami comes out. Photography not only gives me a chance to practice a craft I love dearly but also, creates a safe space for men, women, and children to feel their beauty radiate.

Every time I get behind my camera I make it my duty to bring out my clients internal beauty, self-love, and confidence; sending them home with beautiful memories of themselves embracing those marvelous feelings.

I hope to share my love for your beauty with you soon!
-Kamiko Photos🦋♥️”

Keep in touch

If you have any queries, please send message, and I will be in touch soon